Iteris expands traffic info feeds

ClearData says connected vehicle GPS probes 'better reflect consumer vehicle movement'
Classification & Data Collection / June 6, 2022
By Adam Hill
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Iteris offers real-time and historical visualisations of traffic movement (© BiancoBlue |

Iteris has added customisable ClearData traffic management feeds to its portfolio to help traffic managers get an accurate view of situations on the road.

The company's ClearMobility cloud analytics engine delivers ClearData - produced by aggregating third-party mobility data which includes incident, speed, construction and connected vehicle GPS probes - which can be accessed via subscription-based direct computer data feeds or application programming interfaces (APIs).

Iteris says connected vehicle probes "offer precise data and better reflect consumer vehicle movement".

“The unique combination of powerful software-driven event detection and conflict resolution overseen by human editors provides unparalleled mobility reporting, mapping and advisory information,” said Will Cousins, senior vice president and general manager of applications and cloud solutions at Iteris.

As well as warning of road closures, ClearData can offer congestion monitoring for live event organisers and accurate travel time data to help fleet and logistics operators optimise routes, for example.

The solution "adds powerful new transportation data that expand the software’s capabilities to provide unparalleled levels of real-time and historical visualisations that help users make informed operational traffic management decisions", Iteris says.

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