Bolt ride-hail moves into Helsinki

Company reveals pricing structure and says rides in Finnish capital are '100% carbon-neutral'
GIS/ Mapping & Location Based Systems / July 11, 2022
By Adam Hill
Ride-hail decarbonisation innovation technology (© Bolt)
Bolt aims to 'help Helsinki’s transition toward green mobility services' (© Bolt)

Users of the Bolt app can now hail a ride in Helsinki, capital of Finland.

The company says the rides are '100% carbon-neutral'.

"I’m confident we can help Helsinki’s transition toward green mobility services, which is already well underway," said Bolt founder and CEO Markus Villig.

All new users will receive a 50% discount on their first ten trips - but the maximum ride price to claim the discount is €10.

The pricing structure is:

Starting fee: €3
Cost per minute: €0.26
Cost per kilometre: €0.97
Minimum fare: €7
Wait time fee: €0.26 per minute

Drivers who signed up with Bolt before 1 July 2022 pay 0% commission for the first two months, with 15% commission payable after that.

“We aim for the highest earnings per hour compared to any competitor and have already attracted hundreds of partners to our platform," says Mikael Uusivuori, Bolt country manager.

"High earnings create an ecosystem with more drivers, faster arrival times, and better services for our customers.”

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