$2.6m Austin deal marks McCain milestone

Texas city's traffic deployment bumps firm up to 2,000 ATC cabinet installations
UTC / December 4, 2020
By Adam Hill
48141151 © Adria Ramirez | Dreamstime.com
Austin, Texas: future traffic plans (© Adria Ramirez | Dreamstime.com)

A five-year, $2.6m city-wide deal in Austin has pushed McCain over the milestone of 2,000 advanced transportation controller (ATC) cabinet installations in North America.

The Texan city is preparing for connected and autonomous vehicles (C/AVs) and smart city capabilities, the company says.

“ATC cabinet technology has become the cornerstone of intelligent transportation in the United States for the foreseeable future,” said Nathan Welch, VP of sales and marketing for McCain. 

McCain, which is owned by Swarco, says its cabinets "can be leveraged for almost any traffic scenario – from central business districts that require functionality with a limited footprint, to running multiple intersections from a single cabinet". 

Carl McCollum, chief operating officer for McCain, comments that the milestone is a 'huge accomplishment' for the whole transportation sector.

“It means the industry is advancing and using our innovations to ultimately make smarter, safer, more efficient and environmentally-friendly cities," he concludes.

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