Cubic updates Synchro Studio signal timing platform

Customers will be able to analyse traffic operations in days rather than weeks, CTS says
UTC / May 23, 2023
By Adam Hill
Urban traffic control traffic signals timing Cubic software innovation © Dmytro Varavin |
Timing is everything (© Dmytro Varavin |

Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) has released the 12th version of its traffic signal timing platform Synchro Studio.

The company says the upgraded version offers an enhanced Scenario Manager, supports Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) 7th Edition methodology and features a "simplified, more intuitive" user interface.

Geoff Scalf, CTS director of product management, Cubic Transportation Systems, points out that the "transportation industry continues to evolve".

The latest version will "continue enhancing our customers’ workflows", he adds.

Synchro Studio v12 combines modelling tools (Synchro) with microscopic simulation (SimTraffic) to provide a "comprehensive design package", CTS says.

Customers can analyse traffic operations in days rather than weeks, and will be able "to model complex traffic networks and support multiple scenarios in a single file, better aligning with their community’s mobility needs".

The updates also support integration among products, including SimTraffic, ATMS Central Management System, Warrants and 3D Viewer.

Click here for more information on Synchro Studio v12.

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