Cop26: Gridserve announces 'net-zero' network 

Firm is to share 'Sun to Wheel' ecosystem knowledge to enable global EV charging roll-out
Air Quality & Weather Systems / November 9, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Gridserve partner network Sun to Wheel Ecosystem net-zero transport initiatives COP26
Gridserve plans to open several more electric forecourts over the next 12 months (image credit: Gridserve)

Gridserve has used Cop26 to launch a partner network that opens its 'Sun to Wheel' ecosystem to those interested in accelerating net-zero transport initiatives. 

Gridserve founder Toddington Harper says: “In the UK we are delivering this vision at an extraordinary pace, building a Sun to Wheel ecosystem of hybrid solar & battery farms, high-power EV chargers, and electric vehicle leasing solutions supported by customer experience technology that is decarbonising the UK’s transport system and giving drivers everywhere the confidence to go electric sooner than anyone could have imagined only a few years ago.

“However, to be serious about addressing the climate crisis, we need to think and act on a global scale."

He said the Gridserve partner network will enable the company to share knowledge and expertise from delivering and operating the its UK charging network.

The plans are aimed at speeding up the global rollout of an EV charging infrastructure powered by net-zero carbon sustainable energy, in the shortest possible timeframes. 

Gridserve says a truly global rollout of EV infrastructure is the only way to decarbonise transport in the timeframe required to limit the worst effects of climate change.

The company is therefore sharing its years of experience with partners globally, and is already in discussions with international petrol forecourt operators, landowners and investors to deploy its infrastructure.

Additionally, the network allows partners to invest themselves, or co-invest alongside Gridserve, to establish their own EV charging networks. 

“Everything we have achieved in the UK has required us to overcome massive complexities and challenges – experience we’ve spent years developing,” Harper continues. 

“It’s now time to share those learnings with partners across the world and accelerate the shift to net zero transport. Our partner network allows us to do just that, enabling others to capitalise on our market leading EV charging solutions within their own networks and geographies.”

Gridserve insists its hybrid solar and battery farms generate close to 100 million kWh's of zero-carbon energy each year while also providing energy to its charging network. 

Last December, the company opened an electric forecourt in Braintree, Essex, and plans to open several more in the next 12 months, starting with Norwich, Gatwick, Gateshead and Uckfield. 

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