ITS European Congress 2023: free public transit for delegates

Carris bus travel and Gira bike-share will be available using passes and voucher codes
Air Quality & Weather Systems / May 17, 2023
By Adam Hill
Public transit free pass Lisboa Portugal bike-share © Pedro Emanuel Pereira |
Visitors will have €10 of tickets to spend on Carris buses (© Pedro Emanuel Pereira |

Visitors to the ITS European Congress 2023 next week will be able to experience host city Lisbon's public transport options - free of charge.

All registered delegates at the event, organised by Ertico - ITS Europe, will be able to use bike-share and local buses within the Portuguese capital.

They will receive a pre-paid pass for Carris buses - valid from Sunday 21 May to Thursday 23 May - containing €10 of tickets.

Delegates will also have all-day free access to Gira, Lisbon's bike-share scheme, by downloading the app and using an individual voucher code.

Every trip up to 45 minutes is free of charge, with those of 45-90 minutes charged at the standard rate of €1.

Over 90 minutes, trips will be charged at €2 every 45 minutes.

Bus passes and bike-share voucher codes can be picked up at the registration area on Sunday 21 May from 3pm-6pm at the City Lisboa desk and from Monday to Wednesday at the Lisbon Municipality stand.

Lisbon Municipality, Carris and Emel have made the free transport options available to delegates.

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