UITP launches public transport benefits toolbox

Talking points: People, progress and planet are the areas highlighted in the new online assets
Air Quality & Weather Systems / January 27, 2023
By Adam Hill
Tram Amsterdam public transit decarbonisation © ITS International | Adam Hill
Clean and green, and with added economic benefits: public transport rocks (© ITS International | Adam Hill)

Public transportation association UITP has launched new resources designed to highlight the benefits of public transport.

UITP argues that, as well as being sustainable and safe, public transit brings benefits to all of society, "improving the lives of people, guaranteeing a healthy planet, and stimulating technological, economic and societal progress".

The Public Transport Benefits Toolbox contains brochures, posters, visuals to help users communicate this message to the public, policymakers and other stakeholders.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT BENEFITSIt identifies 12 benefits of public transport - including clean air, affordability, boosting economies and creating local jobs - and divides them into three categories: people, progress and planet.

"Public transport and combined mobility improve social cohesion, guarantee financial and physical accessibility, and fight climate change," UITP says. "The sector contributes to the economic development of regions and cities, creates employment and connects places and people."

Cities are increasing their investments in public transport, walking and cycling, the organisation points out. "After decades of policies promoting private car use, they are giving cities back to people and making the sustainable choice."

"Public transport makes our cities, our lives and our planet better. Besides walking and cycling, public transport is the most climate friendly and sustainable way to travel, while stimulating the economy and making our roads safer."



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