Intertraffic 2020 rescheduled to March 2021

The impact of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak worldwide has forced the organisers of Intertraffic Amsterdam to delay next month’s show until next year.
March 11, 2020
By Adam Hill
Intertraffic postponement follows 'explicit wishes' of exhibitors (credit: RAI Amsterdam)
Intertraffic postponement follows 'explicit wishes' of exhibitors (credit: RAI Amsterdam)

It was due to be held from 21-24 April - but will now take place on 23-26 March 2021.

Travel restrictions in other countries would have made it difficult, or impossible, for many international visitors to reach the Netherlands.

RAI Amsterdam, which runs the show, says it is "complying with the explicit wishes of both exhibitors and visitors to reschedule the event".

Joyce de Winter, exhibition manager of Intertraffic at RAI Amsterdam, says: “Under the current circumstances Intertraffic Amsterdam cannot fulfil its purpose next month without substantial compromises."

The top exhibiting countries outside the Netherlands were due to be China and Italy - both of which have been severely affected by coronavirus.

De Winter said: "The international character of the event is significantly impacted by the measures taken in other countries."

The event will move permanently to 'uneven' years from 2021, with the following edition of Intertraffic Amsterdam taking place in 2023.

Read the full statement from RAI Amsterdam here.

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