February 22, 2024
Transport for Wales' preliminary figures show average reduction in first three months
February 22, 2024
AI and cloud computing platform will be used to improve timetable optimisation
February 21, 2024
'Grim and tragic milestone' requires renewed sense of urgency for road safety action
February 21, 2024
Contract in Australian city also includes Sydney Harbour Tunnel crossing
February 20, 2024
Through traffic in private cars will be drastically reduced and public transport improved
February 19, 2024
Proof of concept project will aim to communicate warnings from workzones to road users
February 16, 2024
15th annual ITS Australia Awards in Brisbane reflected end-user safety and industry collaboration
February 16, 2024
New figures from France, Italy and the UK demonstrate uptick in active travel
February 15, 2024
Under Trafikverket agreement, traffic control systems will be adapted to Nordic RSMP-protocol
February 14, 2024
Scottish city wants 'far more sustainable and equitable modes' than the private car