January 25, 2024
Geofencing controls where scooters are ridden and how fast they can travel in Kogarah
January 24, 2024
Judging panel announced for 4th edition of Empower Women in Shared Mobility
January 24, 2024
Contract follows pilot where 2,000 workers were trained to use lane closure system
January 23, 2024
Tolling organisation's board has endorsed sustainability & resilience framework
January 23, 2024
New contract with Transdev in Portugal comes on heels of a big expansion in Spain
January 22, 2024
Four-year contract aims to ensure reliable and safe mobility in northern Spanish city
January 19, 2024
Through NeoRoads, firms will develop solutions for V2X comms tech with focus on 5G-V2X
January 19, 2024
French start-up is using roadside fibre-optic cables to provide better traffic data
January 18, 2024
Routes will link to transport hubs to ensure more comprehensive mobility for people
January 17, 2024
Free-flow tolling solution will replace existing stop-go plazas for frictionless travel