Parking & Access Control

January 20, 2021
ANPR cameras used to issue fines to drivers without relevant residents' parking permit
January 13, 2021
Center for Automotive Research outlines knock-ons from road use re-allocation
November 25, 2020
Players should pay if they land on board game square, says Professor Donald Shoup
November 20, 2020
Scheme with Datarella will reward Munich's drivers for parking in less popular destinations
November 5, 2020
Deal covers approximately 8,000 light fixtures and promises significant energy savings
October 26, 2020
Companies will share on- and off-street data for Parco app
October 21, 2020
Squeeze on cars continues in '15-minute city' under Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo
October 15, 2020
Solution is expected to tackle challenges relating to EV charging 
October 5, 2020
Moscow says it is the first city to use a driverless enforcement vehicle
October 2, 2020
Transport authority's work with Conduent praised for helping low-income motorists