Videology cameras get smarter with SCAiLX

SCAiLX-ZB cameras come with third party edge AI middleware installed
October 23, 2023

SCAiLX is an IP/AI edge device platform developed fully in-house by Videology, that brings edge AI processing capabilities right on the camera level. Videology Zoom Block cameras with LVDS output can now be extended to have on-camera AI capabilities through the SCAiLX platform.

This first generation of Videology smart cameras, SCAiLX-ZB, is designed around a Videology Zoom Block camera coupled with a 3-board stack:

• An application interface board - LVDS to MIPI converter
• A System-on-Module (SoM) board - NXP i.MX 8M Mini or Plus
• An output board - ethernet networking processor board with appropriate power management solution (RJ-45 or PoE))

Due to its modular design, SCAiLX-ZB comes in various configurations. Some configuration options available today are:

• The camera module can be any Videology Zoom Block camera with LVDS output, ranging from 10x to 55x optical zooming capability. 
• The SoM board supports advanced embedded processing capabilities to deliver low-power and high-performing solutions on the edge for embedded consumer and industrial applications. The SoM board configuration includes an integrated machine learning accelerator with neural processing unit (NPU) and image signal processor (ISP).
• The output board with the RJ-45 port can be configured to have 9VDC to 15VDC power supply or ETH-RTL-POE+.

This powerful board stack, which can be configured and packed with all the essential features for edge AI applications, maintains yet a compact size, measuring just 42x42mm.

Additionally, SCAiLX-ZB cameras come with third party edge AI middleware installed on the device. This allows application builders to use their favourite AI training platform to create their models and deploy them remotely, securely and in bulk to SCAiLX-ZB cameras with minimal effort. The middleware, which can also be described as on-device pipelines, reduces the time it takes to build an edge AI solution and speeds up application development and deployment significantly.

Benefits of SCAiLX
Benefits of SCAiLX

Below AI demo models related to transportation, mobility and traffic management will be available on the SCAILX platform:

• Automatic licence plate recognition (ANPR): Turn SCAiLX-ZB cameras into accurate ANPR machines that measure exactly who enters your logistics hub, parking lot, construction site or event location at any point in time.

• Optical character recognition (OCR) and symbol detection: Recognise freight containers (BIC, ISO), rail wagons (UIC) and dangerous goods (ADR) with the power of ML/AI.

• Object classification: Detection, classification and localisation of common objects such as people, faces, cars, trucks, bikes, and animals. Monitor traffic, routes, and behaviour as well as alarms in dangerous situations such as railway crossings and understand urban traffic flows.

• Object counting:  counting and line-crossing for the objects listed above. Use SCAiLX-ZB to count vehicles, classified by type, in real time. Fully local, fully secure and accurate counts of road usage and parking lot occupancy.

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SCAiLX-ZB Egde AI Camera
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