August 3, 2022
Transportation Equity Guidebook covers socio-economic and racial disparities
August 2, 2022
Motorised lenses come in 4-10mm, 9-36mm, and 12-50mm focal ranges
August 1, 2022
Software lets control room managers quickly design a solution that meets their needs
July 27, 2022
Cloud-based solution can set up city transport models in days rather than weeks
July 15, 2022
New version of online safety resource has a greater emphasis on vulnerable road users
July 13, 2022
New chipsets will enable automatic braking for the first time, manufacturer says
July 1, 2022
AutoGreen has also been incorporated as standard and now supports pedestrian crossings
June 30, 2022
Software framework is aimed at automotive perception engineers integrating thermal cameras
June 28, 2022
New processor families are intended to help OEMs produce software-defined vehicles
June 24, 2022
Italian e-bike-share firm says its vehicles can be integrated with existing public transport