Braums growing in Asia-Pacific region

Australian company, Braums is here to highlight significant expansion over the last few months. The company was appointed exclusive distribution for smartmicro in 2021. It also developed the Braums R2X and is highlighting the Braums Sense family for smart traffic and intersection management. It utilises smartmicro modern, above ground detection traffic sensors preserving the road surface.
March 31, 2022
Ralph Mende, left, with Andrew Bull
Ralph Mende, left, with Andrew Bull

Earlier this year, smartmicro extended Braums’ territory to include parts of Asia and all of the South Pacific. To support the growth of Braums globally, at the beginning of this month, the company opened its first office in Singapore, getting feet on the ground to support the growth and success of its distribution partners in the region.

Braums is Australia’s leading LED traffic light manufacturer and provides pedestrian, roadway, and urban lighting, smart city solutions and parking management systems across Australia and around the world.

Combined with the company’s intelligent smartmicro above-ground detection technology, Braums is now delivering integrated traffic management solutions to make traffic flow and intersection management in Australia smarter, safer, and more effective.

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