Traffic Data Systems detects success ahead

At Intertraffic 2022, Traffic Data Systems is introducing the TDS 824, a brand-new detector/classifier module for eight channels (four lanes with double loops). It has been developed for roadside remote stations and traffic light systems in demanding situations. The TDS 824 will satisfy customer requirements for effectively decoupling external interference, for example from trams and other sources.
March 29, 2022
Florian Weiss with the latest solution
Florian Weiss with the latest solution

The high integration density enables eight channels/four double loop modules on a 19-inch card for rack mounting or in a top hat rail module. The TDS 824 features Traffic Data Systems’ powerful lane-changing recognition software that prevents double-counting and misclassification of vehicles changing lanes.

The eight channels of the TDS 824 module use a continuous measuring process (no time multiplexing) and utilise more than 16 fixed frequencies, which are set and calibrated fully automatically, without DIP switches. The distance between the TDS 824 and the loops can be greater than 600m using a TLS-compliant lead-in cable with one pair of cores per loop (AWG 20). The resistance of the loop including lead-in cable can be 50Ω, and the inductance of the loop including lead-in cable can be 600µH.

TLS 8+1 vehicle types, Swiss10, DK15 and NorSIKT classifiers are available for the pattern-recognition-based system, optimised for the TLS Type 2 loop. Other loop geometries are available as an option. Broken and short-circuited loops are detected, reported, and documented.

On the front panel is a multi-colour LED indicator array for monitoring the detection and classification, and for system status indication. The system can be configured and monitored via a USB-C service port and a communications interface. Optocoupler outputs and an isolated RS-485 interface (on the multipoint connector) are also provided. The TDS 824 modules will be available from mid-2022.

Stand 1.517

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