TDS keeps traffic authorities in the loop

Traffic Data Systems (TDS) is showcasing its latest development in the field of loop-based traffic monitoring and classification systems.
September 4, 2020


The first deliveries to customers of the new TMCS-IP, which works across up to eight lanes and uses a continuous measuring process, are due this month.

The German firm says it is currently the only manufacturer with a valid Federal High Research Institute (BASt) certification with the highest accuracy class (A1) and feeder cables of up to 300m.

Even though there are more modern detecting technologies, none have reached the quality level of loop-based detectors, says TDS CEO Florian Weiss. “Some of our staff have more than 50 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing such traffic counters and classifiers,” he says.

The TMCS-IP is supplied in a solid all-aluminium enclosure with the same degree of protection against dust and water (IP67) as the company’s OIML R134-1 certified Weigh in Motion system – and in fact, the company’s WIM experience has been used to develop the hardware and software for the TMCS-IP, Weiss explains. TMCS-IP can be upgraded to a WIM system if required.

The TMCS-IP can be connected to a field bus modem for top-hat-rail mounting via an RS232 connector, operated as an EAK (loop detection and classification unit) on a control module via an RS485 interface. It can also communicate with a TLS central control room via the integral modem or ethernet interface using TLS-over-IP.

“The eight real-time detector modules for double loops provide precise and reproducible vehicle signatures (pattern recognition) and are used as a basis for traffic volume detection speed measurement and vehicle classification,” Weiss says.

This enables a large number of adjacent loops to be operated without faults occurring due to the shared use of lead-in cables. Fixed loop frequencies, which are arranged in a narrow channel spacing of the permissible frequency band, are used.

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