AutoCrypt V2X development kit to be featured

Autocrypt, a global mobility security solutions provider, is dedicated to ensuring a safe and eco-friendly connected future for not just connected and autonomous vehicles, but all entities related to mobility. This includes everything from electric vehicles, electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSEs), fleet management and mobility services, and even to mobile devices (digital keys, MaaS app services)
September 16, 2021
AutoCrypt ITSWC


The main product being showcased by Autocrypt in Hamburg is AutoCrypt V2X, a software development kit that can be installed onto OBUs and RSUs to secure the technology applications and BSMs transmitted for V2X communications. It supports the IEEE Standard for WAVE (1609.2), ETSI, GBT, and is in line with the new WP.29 regulations for cybersecurity in vehicles.

As Autocrypt points out, security should be a priority when it comes to considering connected and autonomous technology, and AutoCrypt V2X boasts verification speeds twice as fast as the industry standard - meeting 5G requirements as well. This ensures that not only is V2X communication secure, but seamless.

Autocrypt was spun off from APAC market-leading security provider Penta Security Systems in 2019, focusing on automotive security technologies. It was recognised as the Best Auto Cybersecurity Product/Solution of 2019 by TU-Automotive and is acknowledged as one of the top five V2X cybersecurity market leaders in the world.

Stand B5.014