A chance to weigh up Intercomp’s wheel and axle weighing scales and applications

Intercomp Company manufactures fixed and portable scales and sensors which incorporate strain gauge technology for static and Weigh in Motion (WIM) applications. This technology, on display in Hamburg, enables accurate, stable, and reliable measurements of wheel and axle weighing applications
September 30, 2021


For WIM applications using installed scales, Intercomp’s in-ground strain gauge strip sensors for low- and high-speed WIM (HS-WIM), and the LS-WIM axle scale each maintain OIML R134 weigh-in-motion certifications. These fixed WIM scales and sensors give product options delivering stable and accurate readings at speeds ranging from 3mph (5km/h) to 80 mph (130km/h.)

Portable scales will be on display as well, with wireless LS788-WIM portable scales for static and WIM use, and the LP788 low-profile portable scales with both OIML R76 and NTEP certifications. The latest portable scale indicator, the TS30 CPU with intuitive touchscreen interface, will be available for attendees to experience. Bringing new capabilities to wheel load scales, Intercomp will unveil the LTR788 dual-platform scale, which allows for weighing each tyre individually in dual tyre configurations. This enables service inspections of individual tyre ratings and tyre anomalies to be detected with a low-profile portable digital scale.

Stand: B5.010

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