Lanternn lights up roads for Valerann

Valerann has launched an innovative, state of-the-art traffic management software solution
September 30, 2021


Lanternn by Valerann enhances traffic management through its real-time data fusion engine that analyses real-time and historical data, using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to give road authorities certainty on the events and trends which are impacting their assets. Currently deployed in control centres around the world, the system integrates data from all major sources including from roadside, vehicles and road users.

“The ability to use state-of-the-art AI techniques to filter, cross-validate and contextualise this data in an intelligent way is crucial for real-time traffic management,” says Valerann co-founder and CEO, Gabriel Jacobson.

“By unlocking those benefits through our proprietary data fusion engine, we provide our clients certainty and allow them to position themselves at the epicentre of the booming smart mobility ecosystem”.

By helping to smooth traffic flow, the company believes this will also contribute to improvements in road safety and air quality.

Valerann says the product adds “significant value to the control centre at all levels to include operational management, logistics as well as long-term process and infrastructure implementation”.

As a modular, easily-upgradeable, tailored solution, Lanternn by Valerann fuses indications from multiple sources into one alert using contextual data to verify detections. It also leverages historical data to automate response process planning and recommendation for courses of actions.

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