Parifex focuses on Nano-Cam

Parifex, a leading solution provider in project management for speed enforcement and smart cities, is focusing on the company’s Nano-Cam, a multifunctional traffic management tool for all needs. The Nano-Cam sensor is an innovative detection tool designed to improve road safety and traffic counting. It can collect data and detect speed infringement in multiple situations
October 12, 2021
Mélissa Guimaraes of Parifex
Mélissa Guimaraes of Parifex

Available with or without a camera, depending on a user’s needs, the Nano-Cam is a tailor-made traffic management solution.  This cutting-edge sensor monitors the 360-Degree environment and gets simultaneously different traffic information such as speed, vehicle classification, tailgating, dimensions, direction, counting, and more. The urban version can detect infringements such as using a mobile phone while driving, no seat belt, running a red light or a stop sign and automatic number-plate recognition. Parifex points out that the Nano-Cam is a speed enforcement system including a precise vehicle classification. It provides highly accurate vehicle detection of speeding violations, even in busy, fast-paced roads, and simultaneous discrimination of multiple targets: speed measurement, vehicle tracking even when changing lanes, in all weather conditions.

Additionally, the Nano-Cam has been designed for smart mobility applications including vehicle counting, flow management (origin destination matrix), autonomous vehicles, risk detection (such as an obstacle or a vehicle), parking, lighting, and truck control. Connected to automated street lighting, the Nano-Cam allows control of lighting level depending on traffic or weather conditions. The device can also be deployed in car parking facilities to automatically provide updated parking availability.

Stand B7.015

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