Cubic aims to get you there smarter

In such a fast-paced world, the condition of waiting is still universal. Congestion seems unavoidable whether you’re stuck in a traffic jam or braking at a traffic signal. So how can we work to future-proof cities against what is considered inevitable? 
August 31, 2022
Cubic Gridsmart


The Cubic Transportation Systems’ team helps transportation authorities and transit agencies design, integrate, deploy and manage mobility systems fit for the challenges of tomorrow. It engineers products that create safer, more efficient, conscientious cities for drivers, vulnerable road users, municipal partners, and equipment installers. Cubic intersection management technology minimises congestion to enhance mobility and create safer conditions for all travellers in dense, urban city centres or arterial corridors. 

Cubic’s Gridsmart system is a single-camera solution for intersection actuation, traffic data collection, and situational awareness with three components: the GS3 processor; the Gridsmart App; and the Smartmount Bell camera. Real-time performance, accessible data, and fisheye optics combine to produce a solution that is easily installed and configured and robust in capabilities and durability.  

Cubic’s SynchroGreen Adaptive software optimises available roadway capacity, improves travel time, and reduces emissions. Unlike outdated manual signal timing, adaptive signal control technology automatically adjusts signal timings based on vehicle demand and pedestrian traffic, reducing vehicle stops, travel time, and road user frustration.  

Cubic notes that transportation is personal and that every journey matters. Getting from Point A to Point B is part of your everyday life. Cubic says it’s time to get you there smarter, as the company will demonstrate on its stand.  

Stand: 1723

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