New Gridsmart cameras for congestion management

Visitors to the ITS America event will have an opportunity of seeing Cubic’s newest cameras. The FE3 and the AC3, continue the third-generation evolution of Cubic’s Gridsmart product.
April 17, 2023


Physically these cameras will be familiar to all, and they work with the system just as before. However, the improved imagery from these cameras will enable Cubic’s relentless path of continuous improvement.

The FE3, with its iconic bell shape, is the next-generation fisheye camera used for safety, detection, and analytics like turning-movement counts and classification. Inside the FE3 is a custom-developed imaging system that, among other proprietary enhancements, also utilises multi-frame, high dynamic range (HDR) imaging to capture clear imagery, even when there is a dark building canyon on one approach and bright sunlight on the other, a common challenge in urban environments.

The AC3, used for advanced or upstream detection, houses a new imaging system with state-of-the-art video stabilisation, allowing it to perform better over longer distances, even when mast arms bounce in the wind.

“As traffic and transportation nerds, we enjoy geeking out on gear or noticing all the equipment in and around an intersection,” a Cubic spokesperson said. “We get excited about the applications of AI and machine learning. But we always remember that the end goal is for people moving more safely, freely, and efficiently; seeing better helps us do that better. Get the picture?”

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