Cubic’s Gridsmart Protect: providing safety for all vulnerable road users

Safety is the most fundamental need at intersections, but existing in-ground detection and approach-based systems simply don't do enough to protect our vulnerable road users (VRU). That's why Cubic Transportation Systems created Gridsmart Protect which the company will be demonstrating in Hamburg
September 16, 2021
Cubic Gridsmart ITSWC


Gridsmart Protect keeps vulnerable road users safe by tracking pedestrians and cyclists as they enter, travel through, and exit the intersection. Outputs from Protect allow traffic managers to extend clearance times to accommodate each pedestrian, no matter how quickly or slowly they move through the intersection, giving back the remaining phase time to vehicle traffic when possible.

The system uses touchless pedestrian actuation to provide additional VRU safety by eliminating the need for pedestrians to remember a ped button or touch an unsanitary surface to cross an intersection. Leveraging this feature can also build a more inclusive user experience for the disabled and even detect an ‘all clear’ when a pedestrian leaves after placing a call.

Cubic says it's safety by design; efficiency by default.

Protect is intended for intersections where there is a need for VRU safety and analytics, but where intersections may already have other functioning detection or don't even require traditional detection. This solution was designed to be accessible for every community, regardless of controller or detection technology.

A simple software upgrade is all it takes to transition from Gridsmart Protect to the full Gridsmart System functionality when the need arises.

Stand B5.301

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