Sensys Networks will unveil new quick-install sensor

Sensys Networks will unveil an all-new vehicle detection sensor, FlexMag Mini, that installs in a fraction of the time of inductive loops – two to five minutes per sensor.
August 31, 2022
Sensys Networks


As the company points out, in-ground detection is known for its unmatched accuracy, but loops require lengthy lane closures and cutting up the pavement to install or replace. With FlexMag Mini, transportation agencies can get the benefit of accurate detection for any application with minimal lane closures. Plus, transportation studies have shown that FlexMag outlasts loops by 30%.

“We introduced the original wireless FlexMag to replace vulnerable loops, which break too easily,” says Bill Weber, VP of sales and marketing, Americas. “Now FlexMag Mini, which includes our upgraded battery and radios in a smaller package, installs in just two to five minutes.”

FlexMag Mini represents the culmination of Sensys Networks’ millions of hours of sensor operations   in punishing real world environments around the globe. The result is an even smaller but robust sensor made to withstand extreme conditions. The smaller sensor is even easier to install with minimal epoxy and rolling closures, further reducing the cost and time for installation.

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