Bosch reveals VaaS solutions for intelligent intersections

On-street parking near intersections, and along corridors, and storefronts in close proximity to roadways, can obstruct views of pedestrians. Combine these factors with the increase in distracted pedestrians, and it is clear why strategies to make such vulnerable road users more visible to motorists are essential to the safety of intersections and pedestrian crossings.
November 17, 2020
Bosch ITSWC2


To address these factors, Bosch says its IP video cameras with on-board intelligent analytics provide accurate automatic detection of pedestrians approaching a crosswalk or in the road. Moreover, integration of the IP camera with third-party technology can broadcast personal safety messages via dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) to smart vehicles, alerting them to the presence of pedestrians. These safety messages display on a live map on the vehicle’s on-board unit, along with traffic signal state, phase timing, and vehicle and pedestrian movements in the area – improving situational awareness for drivers.

According to Bosch, with video analytics, its IP camera becomes an intelligent sensor that can classify objects as pedestrians, cyclists, or vehicles. Using video-as-a-sensor, traffic engineers can collect real-time data to analyse road usage. Dashboards deliver business intelligence information with counts of pedestrians and vehicles at intersections for data-driven decision-making about signal timing and more.

Bosch says that, from pedestrian safety initiatives to improving traffic flow, video-as-a-sensor technology enables a range of solutions to meet the needs of city planners and senior traffic engineers worldwide. 

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