Check out Cubic’s roadmap to help cities thrive

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) drives the idea of change in transportation. And right now, transportation needs this change.
November 16, 2020
Cubic roadmap


Rural communities, mid-sized cities, and urban centres are seeking a solution to help manage their evolving transit systems. Cubic Transportation Systems recognises this need, so the company has developed a roadmap on how cities can leverage transportation technologies to adapt infrastructure. The roadmap, “Leveraging Technology to Adapt and Thrive in Cities Today,” provides solutions on how cities can deliver safe, seamless journeys for all users.

Safe, seamless journeys have never been more important than they are now. When transportation networks were disrupted globally due to the pandemic, governments and agencies had to modify and adapt their strategies in a way they have rarely done before. A simultaneous decrease in transit ridership and revenues with an expected increase in traffic congestion accelerated the need for alternative transportation solutions.

Cubic’s suite of technologies such as contactless fare collection, data-based journey planning, virtualised smartcards, virtual ticketing agents and reward, and loyalty and advertising platforms, help cities make their transportation networks safer, efficient, and resilient. These technologies have been proven and implemented worldwide in cities and regions of all sizes.

While the pandemic disrupted all industries, it has also exacerbated existing challenges relating to service, access, funding, and investment. Cubic says now is the time to build a more resilient network that inspires collaboration and takes new approaches for managing mobility systems.

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