Innovation in progress: DriveOhio takes the lead in ITS

Ohio has many entities involved in autonomous and connected technologies, and DriveOhio, the centre for smart mobility, brings them under one umbrella. Projects across the state are driving its preparation and leadership for the future of mobility, and Bosch is a key partner.
October 8, 2020


The Ohio Department of Transportation has created a SmartLane on I-670. Bosch IP cameras with video analytics detect anomalies, such as stopped or slow vehicles, and are used by traffic monitors during congestion to ensure the SmartLane is free from hazards before opening it. Dynamic message signs communicate SmartLane status to drivers.

The 33 Smart Mobility Corridor is a proving ground for autonomous and connected vehicles. At a corridor interchange, intelligent Bosch IP cameras detect incidents, such as an exit ramp queue, slow or stopped vehicles, objects in the road, or wrong-way drivers. Integration with MH Corbin technology enables events detected by the cameras to trigger messages to smart vehicles or dynamic message signs to notify drivers.

In Marysville, Ohio, intelligent Bosch IP cameras detect pedestrians in the road and trigger MH Corbin technology to send alerts to approaching smart vehicles via dedicated short-range communications. The cameras also transmit GPS coordinate data through the MH Corbin Roadside Controller to vehicles' map displays, showing signal state and timing alongside vehicle and pedestrian movements.

And there is more to come. A team led by DriveOhio was awarded a grant to deploy automated transportation solutions on Ohio’s rural roads and highways, and Bosch will be an important partner in this initiative.

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