Intercomp's new portable WIM products

Adding to its portfolio of portable scales for vehicle weighing, Intercomp has now released the LS788-WIM portable weigh-in-motion (WIM) scales along with the company’s TS30 CPU touchscreen indicator. The scales are based on the same strain gauge load sensing technology incorporated in Intercomp’s vehicle scales and sensors, to take advantage of the inherent accuracy and stability of the solid-state technology.
October 12, 2020


Used in applications ranging from portable weight enforcement efforts to industrial check weighing while monitoring axle and gross vehicle weights (GVW), the LS788-WIM portable scale takes scale design to a different level.  Lowering the scale platform height to under 0.9 in (22mm), the low profile scale is deployed with roll-out ramps and a wireless indicator, allowing vehicles to rapidly and easily climb to the low scale height without incident.

The scales are solar powered with cable-free communication to the CPU, and capable of operating in either WIM or static modes.  Released alongside the LS788-WIM,  is the TS30 CPU touchscreen indicator, capable of operating sets of Intercomp wireless scales.  With an intuitive touchscreen interface, users easily conduct vehicle weighing, customise and save records, and print via the integrated printer.  Fitting in the back of a vehicle, the portable scales and indicator allows for weighing wherever it is required.

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