Island Radar develops blocked rail crossing detection system

There are many frustrations that motorists encounter in their travels. Sitting at a blocked crossing, scowling at a stopped train, is high on that list. Blocked rail crossings are even more disruptive to the road traffic manager trying to improve traffic efficiency and reduce delays on the road network. Island Radar says it is the detection system of choice for cities, municipalities and traffic managers that are looking for new solutions to the old problem of blocked crossings.
September 4, 2020
Wavetronix ITSWC


Today, Island Radar has developed a blocked crossing detection system with Federal Rail Administration (FRA) approved technologies that are utilised in the Island Radar Vehicle Detection system. It alerts and informs road traffic managers and motorists alike of blocked crossing events.

Central to the system is a non-intrusive sensor that identifies and holds the detection of a stopped train at a crossing. Through contact closure relays, the Island Radar Blocked Crossing Detection system alerts message signs located at junctions and intersections, in advance of the crossing, allowing motorists the opportunity to reroute themselves.  More importantly, this information enables improved route planning by traffic operations centres that can improve routing of emergency first responders in medical emergencies.

The Island Radar Blocked Crossing Detection system is proving to be the safe, smart, and simple choice for providing advanced traveller information at blocked railroad crossings.

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