Island Radar on right side of the tracks

Stopping on the crossing island inside the railroad gates is a serious safety concern at any time and stopping directly on the tracks can have unyielding consequences. Today, Island Radar is using its sophisticated multiple radar sensor to detect motorists that delay or queue on the railroad tracks, initiating a ‘Do Not Stop on the Tracks’ warning system.
October 12, 2020
Island Radar1


Inattentive driver behaviour around railroad crossings can lead to unintentional queueing. The ‘Do Not Stop on the Tracks’ detection allows traffic managers to warn drivers with a reminder to take immediate action and serves as an opportunity to promote a long-term precautionary driver conditioning message.

The Island Radar ‘Do Not Stop on the Tracks’ detection system utilises the same hardware as the Federal Rail Administration (FRA) approved Island Radar Vehicle Detection System.  Designed to alert and inform road traffic managers and motorists alike, the system is a non-intrusive sensor that identifies and holds the detection of a delayed or stopped driver on the crossing. Through contact closure relays, the Island Radar ‘Do Not Stop on the Tracks’ Detection system alerts message signs located at the crossing.  

Island Radar says its detection systems are proving to be the safe, smart, and simple choice for providing driver feedback information at railroad crossings.

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