Parifex gears up for multi-violation control

Road safety is obviously a priority for authorities around the world, and France is no exception. While the mortality on roads rate has been decreasing significantly this past decade, the figures are still a big concern. In fact, the improvement mainly concerns the extra-urban areas, but the number of accidents has increased in urban areas, with pedestrians and cyclists the most affected.
October 12, 2020


In 90 per cent of accidents, the "behaviour" component was present so educational, preventive and repressive measures have been taken to deal with the behaviour likely to generate accidents.

Consequently, the French government has been requesting the leading actors in the road safety field to monitor more violations.

Parifex, through its contract with the French government, has developed a solution based on 3D Lidar technology and artificial intelligence (via image processing). The combination of both technologies allows maximum benefit from each, and the ability to monitor an impressive number of driving behaviours. This next-generation, non-intrusive system, is indeed able to monitor speed and red light enforcement, tailgating, reserved lanes, priorities, stop signs, seat belt use, and phone use. Additionally, it can differentiate between five categories of vehicle.

This system is currently being tested in France by the state (as part of the contract - the experimentation phase) and by the beginning of 2021 the installation of about a thousand units ordered will start.

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