IRD awarded virtual WiM deal in Indiana

INDoT's $1.4m contract is for three installations on sections of I-69 and I-465
Charging, Tolling & Road Pricing / April 17, 2023
By Adam Hill
Weigh in Motion Indiana highways enforcement road safety © Mehmet Dilsiz |
The three sites sites will be monitored using IRD’s Virtual Weigh Station software (© Mehmet Dilsiz |

Indiana Department of Transportation (INDoT) has given International Road Dynamics (IRD) a $1.4m contract for three virtual Weigh in Motion (VWiM) systems.

IRD will supply and supervise the installation of the VWiM systems, which will be used by INDoT for "infrastructure protection and planning purposes" on newly-paved sections of I-69 and I-465.

The sites will be equipped with ANPR cameras and monitored using IRD’s Virtual Weigh Station software, a web-based solution for remotely viewing vehicle records.

IRD’s iSINC roadside WiM controller forms the core of the system, acquiring data from the WiM sensors and determining vehicle class and weight compliance.
“VWiM systems were introduced in the late 1990s to help state DoTs cope with ever-increasing commercial vehicle traffic," says Rish Malhotra, IRD President and CEO.

"This technology continues to be essential to their plans for vehicle data collection and weight enforcement."

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