IRD wins $4.1m maintenance contract

IRD to maintain and maximise performance of Illinois’ state-wide weigh in motion network
Enforcement / August 25, 2021
IRD Rish Malhotra Illinois Department of Transportation WiM maintenance contract Illinois
IRD's Rish Malhotra: 'We are pleased to have been selected as IDoT’s long-term WiM service provider'

International Road Dynamics (IRD), a Quarterhill company, has announced the award of a CAD$4.1 million contract from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDoT). The initial term of this agreement is four years with an option to renew for six additional years. The purpose of this contract is to maintain and maximise performance of the state-wide Weigh in Motion (WiM) network that is used to enforce federal regulations and protect IDoT’s infrastructure from damage caused by overweight trucks.

IRD will be responsible for the repair, maintenance, and service of in-road scales and sensors, roadside electronics, queue detection and camera surveillance systems, and PrePass preclearance weighing systems. This technology allows IDoT and the Illinois State Police to enhance the efficiency of their weigh station facilities, quickly identify violations and process larger volumes of commercial vehicles. The trucking industry also realises considerable benefits through the reduction of wait times, fuel costs, and greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are pleased to have been selected as IDoT’s long-term WiM service provider,” said Rish Malhotra, IRD’s President and CEO. “The on-site maintenance provided by our field services, and remote service provided through technical services, provide great value to agencies in ensuring the best performance of their enforcement and data collection systems. IRD’s services are recognised as the best-in-class and are key to the success of state-wide traffic data collection and enforcement deployments. For this reason, maintenance contracts such as this one with IDoT have become a significant baseline to IRD’s recurring revenue and are an area with additional growth potential for the business.”

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