Cubic: ‘Let your customers know you’re thinking of them’ 

As the ITS industry worldwide comes to terms with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, companies are finding positive ways to respond.
Mobility as a Service / April 8, 2020
By Adam Hill
Covid-19 social distancing
As Covid-19 changes the way we live, it's important to stay in touch with clients, says Cubic

Krishna Desai, global marketing manager at Cubic Transportation Systems, said it was vital to keep in touch with clients in these uncertain times – even though work patterns have changed substantially.

Speaking at an ITS (UK) webinar on the challenges posed by Covid-19, she explained: “I think the way to stay relevant no matter what the size of your business is, use your voice through social media.”

“Let your customers know that you're thinking of them, you're there to support them. Lead with empathy, lead with understanding and compassion.”

The current lockdown across the UK has led to significant difficulties for companies, with Peter Eccleson, owner of Smart Video and Sensing saying that he has had to furlough all his staff.

“All the work that we had in the pipeline, which is primarily around installation work, has been put on hold,” he explained.

Webinar host Paul Hutton, communications manager at ITS (UK), said the panel also voiced frustration that the industry cannot carry out maintenance work at present. 

“They say that it would both be a great use of taxpayer's money when there is so little productivity around, and also that it would mean minimal disruption while transport levels are so low."

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