Ertico CEO: ‘Kazan feedback was staggering’

The boss of Ertico – ITS Europe has urged people to look seriously at the first ITS Central Eastern Congress in Kazan, even if they do not currently know much about the region.
Mobility as a Service / March 6, 2020
By Adam Hill
Jacob Bangsgaard
Bangsgaard: 'The whole idea is to share innovation'

The Congress will be held in September in the Russian city. 

In a wide-ranging interview with ITS International, Ertico CEO Jacob Bangsgaard explains: “People are not really aware of what happens in Kazan but the feedback was staggering and we wanted to explore.”

“Kazan is the centre of IT in Russia. When it comes to smart mobility solutions, Kazan has vehicle manufacture and IT very strongly, focused on solutions and technology.”

Ertico is trying to look more broadly at what is happening in ITS. “The whole idea is to share innovation,” Bangsgaard says. “It will enlarge the business and members’ knowledge and will also help create interest.”

“We see ITS developments outside the core of Europe – that’s interesting to us.”

The call for contributions is now open on the Congress theme of ‘Sharing Innovation – Creating a Connected Future’.

Topics for papers and sessions include Mobility as a Service, Connectivity, Connected & Automated Mobility and ITS skills for the future. 

Read the full interview with Jacob Bangsgaard here.

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