Adaptive takes ‘risky’ webinar onto streets

Hungarian firm to broadcast traffic solutions live from Budapest roads on 9-10 March
Enforcement / February 25, 2021 1-Minute Read
Adaptive Recognition ANPR
Adaptive Recognition's ANPR team in action (© Adaptive Recognition)

Bored of lockdown webinars? So is Hungary-based traffic tech firm Adaptive Recognition.

It has decided to shake up the static world of the online experience by broadcasting live over two days - not from behind an office desk but from the streets of Budapest.

Held on 9-10 March, Traffic Solution Focus Days will include complex traffic solutions direct from "the middle of real traffic", the company promises.

It plans to demonstrate capturing wanted vehicles, detecting speedsters and identifying traffic violations automatically - all live from the roads of Hungary's capital.

Adaptive Recognition admits the concept is 'risky' since there are no pre-recorded elements.

Its aim is to make the event interactive, with viewers able ask questions and get immediate responses from the hosts.

Register for the event here

See below for a welcome message from Csaba Nagy-Amigo, head of Adaptive Recognition's ITS team and co-founder of Focus Days...

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