ITSWC 2022: Derq wins Innovation Competition

AI specialist impressed Congress judges with its products' focus on safety
Enforcement / September 22, 2022
By Adam Hill
Road safety vulnerable road users AI technology © ITS International
Derq's products are designed to make travel safer for VRUs such as pedestrians on crosswalks (© ITS International)

Derq has won the 2022 Global ITS Innovation Competition at ITS World Congress in Los Angeles.

It was one of eight finalists to pitch to a judging panel during the Congress, in a start-up competition designed to "connect innovators, government, start-up funders, talent, and others in the innovation technology markets to find new ways to use automation, connectivity, sustainable tech, and other solutions to advance safer, greener, and smarter transport."

Derq’s real-time perception and connectivity AI platform aggregates data from different sources including traffic sensors, signal controllers and connected infrastructure, enabling two application offerings, Derq Insight and Derq Sense.

Insight generates real-time safety and traffic insights for agencies looking to improve road safety, while Sense is an edge-based solution that provides real-time infrastructure-based analytics for off-board cooperative perception and traffic management applications.

This includes Vehicle to Everything (V2X) applications for connected and autonomous vehicles, adaptive traffic management, smart pedestrian crosswalks and smartphone safety apps. 

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