$1.5m North Carolina traffic signal controllers deal for Q-Free

Firm says 600 2070LX ATC units, built in the US, will be delivered within 60 days
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / December 12, 2023
By David Arminas
Interoperability signalised intersections adaptive control © Jon Bilous | Dreamstime.com
Controllers will operate in conjunction with Maxtime intersection control software (© Jon Bilous | Dreamstime.com)

Q-Free has won a $1.5 million contract from North Carolina Department of Transportation to supply 600 2070LX ATC traffic signal controllers.

The company said the units, to be delivered within 60 days, will operate in conjunction with its Maxtime intersection control software which was licensed by the US state last year.

ATC traffic signal controllers are the latest generation of hardware that manages traffic flow at signalised intersections. Q-Free said that they offer superior performance, reliability and flexibility for a wide range of applications on a single device - from adaptive signal control to transit signal priority and connected vehicle technology.

Q-Free locally builds and sources ATC controllers in the US which allows them to meet North Carolina’s accelerated delivery schedule, according to Steve Mager, Q-Free’s executive vice president of urban sales.

“By building and sourcing our ATC controllers in the United States, we are not only complying with the Build America Buy America Act but also supporting the local economy and creating jobs,” said Mager. “Our local production also gives us a competitive edge in delivering our products faster and more efficiently than any other company in the industry.”

Q-Free, headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, already  has a strong presence in North Carolina traffic control, delivering a range of innovative and sustainable solutions for intelligent transportation systems. From a cloud-hosted statewide ATMS service to ramp meter projects and controller installations, Q-Free has built a collaborative culture in North Carolina, explained Mager.

Q-Free is a strong advocate of interoperability. It has sold more than 40,000 units across North America, including statewide contracts in Georgia, Oregon, Wyoming and Colorado. 

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