Kinetic Corridors is latest traffic management release from Q-Free

Newest module of Kinetic Mobility platform has automated features to free up operators
Classification & Data Collection / October 17, 2023
By Adam Hill
traffic management congestion reduction real-time data © Sean Pavone |
'A comprehensive bird’s eye view of real-time conditions' (© Sean Pavone |

Q-Free has released the newest module of its Kinetic Mobility traffic management platform for managing connected corridors.

Revealed at the ITS California meeting this week, Kinetic Corridors takes in and analyses data to detect unsafe or inefficient road conditions, the company says.

A visual user interface provides "a comprehensive bird’s eye view of real-time conditions", allowing agencies to respond to changes swiftly, and the system also features customisable business rules and automation strategies. 

“Connectivity, real-time data analysis and automation are fundamentals in our smart city future,” says Q-Free senior VP of traffic management Dan Skiffington. 

“Automation can save lives and proactively address traffic congestion by taking delay out of the equation. Kinetic Corridors uses advanced technology and algorithms to detect and respond to recurring conditions, reducing operator workload, and providing consistent response to the travelling public. This allows operators to focus on more complex tasks that require adaptive thinking and manual intervention.”

Trisha Tunilla, Q-Free EVP of marketing, says: “We believe Kinetic Corridors is poised to reshape urban mobility management and create smoother, safer and more eco-friendly transportation corridors for all.”

Q-Free will host a product launch webinar on 2 November, 2023, at 1pm ET: click here to reserve your place.

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