McCain hails Austin traffic installation

Cedar Park, a suburb of the Texan city, now has ATC Cabinets at all 56 of its intersections
UTC / March 14, 2022
By Adam Hill
intersection technology McCain Austin Texas © Bryan Roschetzky |
The upgrade has involved switching from NEMA TS2 standard to McCain’s ATC Cabinets (© Bryan Roschetzky |

McCain says that a suburb of Austin, Texas, has become the first US city to install its ATC Cabinets at all intersections.

The upgrade in Cedar Park, across 56 intersections, has involved switching from NEMA TS2 standard to McCain’s ATC Cabinets, all of which have McCain's ATC eX 2070 Controller and its Omni eX intersection control software.

“One of our biggest goals is to ensure that any technology we install at our intersections will not only accommodate today’s demands but will set the stage for us to implement future technologies,” said Stephen Hanuscin, Cedar Park's assistant director of public works – field operations.

“For example, when we chose to begin replacing signal cabinets in 2014, we knew we had to adopt the ATC standard so that our infrastructure would be ready for connected vehicle technology and able to log the high-resolution data necessary for automated signal performance metrics.”

McCain, which is owned by Swarco, says it has more than 3,000 of the cabinets installed in the US.

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