ITS European Congress 2023: CCAM must be 'ambitious yet humble' on climate goals

Technology is part of the solution but not the whole answer, says leading academic
Air Quality & Weather Systems / May 24, 2023
By Adam Hill
Climate emergency decarbonisation green solutions innovation technology

The connected, cooperative and automated mobility (CCAM) sector must be realistic about what it can achieve in terms of helping European Union states reach climate emergency goals, says a leading ITS academic.

Speaking at the ITS European Congress 2023 in Lisbon, Margriet van Schijndel, program director, smart mobility, at Eindhoven University of Technology, said: "CCAM - and other technology solutions - will have to be ambitious, yet humble and honest about their potential contributions to support EU cities in achieving climate neutrality."

"It's essential to ensure an integrated services and innovation offering aligned with city infrastructure, for example." Any solution must also be aligned with energy grids, she added.

During the session How can CCAM support the EU in achieving climate neutrality by 2050, van Schijndel insisted that it is also vital to understand exactly what cities require: "We cannot overstress the relevance of the need to answer users' and cities' needs."

"Climate neutrality isn't bound to cities: it is critical to develop a broader offering of solutions and services to connect cities with suburban and rural areas," she concluded.

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