Mobility as a Service

September 6, 2022
Year-long UBM pilot aimed at 50 'eligible participants' using Move PGH transport options
September 1, 2022
The ITS World Congress 2022 in Los Angeles runs from 18-22 September
August 23, 2022
The aim, which was set out in 2019, is to build 100km by next year
August 11, 2022
Los Angeles ITS World Congress schedule includes strong emphasis on equity in transport
August 5, 2022
MaaS and DRT proof of concept in city of Nōgata also involves Shotl and CTC
August 4, 2022
Cycle to Work Day in the UK is Swedish firm's hook to urge switch to greener modes
July 20, 2022
ITS European Congress 2023 in Portuguese capital will bring together 3,000 ITS stakeholders
July 5, 2022
UK city's population is growing and MaaS option will help sustainability goals, company says
June 29, 2022
There are various reasons why Mobility as a Service is catching on more in Europe than the US – but there are still other ways in which access to…
June 24, 2022
Italian e-bike-share firm says its vehicles can be integrated with existing public transport