Networking & Communication Systems

March 8, 2024
AI Connected Dashcam is dual camera system using AI tech to provide event warnings
March 5, 2024
V2X tech specialist TTS gets insights from 80,000 signalised intersections at present
March 4, 2024
5GMEC4EU project aims to boost 5G take-up along major European transportation routes
March 1, 2024
First stop for General Transit Feed Specification is partnership with Geoactio in Spain
February 28, 2024
Mobile pay-as-you-go solution will be launched later this year in the Zlín Region
February 23, 2024
Average on Lima Expresa network was 12 minutes - now it's five with data fusion approach
February 22, 2024
AI and cloud computing platform will be used to improve timetable optimisation
February 19, 2024
Proof of concept project will aim to communicate warnings from workzones to road users
February 16, 2024
15th annual ITS Australia Awards in Brisbane reflected end-user safety and industry collaboration
February 15, 2024
Platform offers software-defined infrastructure including signalised intersections sensors