October 10, 2022
TEF82xx radar transceiver enables 360-degree sensing for critical safety applications
October 6, 2022
Performance Suite software platform aims to improve public transport reliability
October 5, 2022
Variable message sign can run off solar and is designed for temporary traffic management
October 4, 2022
Transportation agencies can benefit from bringing numerous services together, WSP says
October 3, 2022
Data ranges from road conditions and air quality to heat wave detection and lightning strikes
September 16, 2022
Thermal sensing technology will protect VRUs in poor visibility - including sun glare
September 15, 2022
Swedish firm's software links with floating car data to accurately detect road conditions
September 9, 2022
No transponders required for in-cab service allowing trucks to skip weigh stations
September 8, 2022
MK6 will be 'catalyst' for increasing roll-out of connected vehicles, says manufacturer
September 7, 2022
AI system warns vehicle drivers of potential collisions with vulnerable road users