June 10, 2022
Mobile and fixed-speed and red-light solutions will be on show at Traffex
June 9, 2022
Location technology has been integrated into OEM's cars on the road by SOTA update
June 6, 2022
ClearData says connected vehicle GPS probes 'better reflect consumer vehicle movement'
May 30, 2022
Adding SmartView Approach camera to existing platform is designed to help intersection safety
May 27, 2022
Gulf state joins Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait, Makkah and Qatar in using e-paper displays
May 25, 2022
Company will display variety of sensors and imaging solutions at Yokohama exhibition
May 23, 2022
Oxbotica's AppliedEV is now operating in Oxford, UK, with no on-board driver
May 20, 2022
French metrology institute LNE has registered the speed enforcement system
May 16, 2022
Safety View cloud platform will give transport agencies more data for road safety initiatives
May 12, 2022
Edge-computing unit will be major step in enabling connected vehicles, manufacturer says