June 8, 2023
Distributor is now called Smartmicro UK as part of strategy to create international network
June 7, 2023
Contract involves O&M services on Bakad ring road project outside city of Almaty
June 5, 2023
Company launches Rosgo as well as enhancing Urban64 traffic control system
June 2, 2023
SR-i19 and SR-i25 developed for road delineation, including bends and crosswalks
May 31, 2023
Urban traffic control and management solutions to be deployed in Scottish capital
May 29, 2023
Units are being installed on Metrobuses for Washington Area Metropolitan Transit Authority
May 26, 2023
Partnership will give both companies new perspective on North America traffic solutions
May 25, 2023
Representatives from EMEA cities discussed road space, liveability and data sharing
May 25, 2023
ITS European Congress 2023 was scene for 'full and frank exchange of views'
May 23, 2023
Infrastructure, energy, connectivity and data were all key on Day 1 of ITS European Congress