December 20, 2023
Bird Canada and Bird Europe are not part of the filing, which is part of restructuring
December 20, 2023
Joint publication with Cambridge Consultants offers 'bold, optimistic vision'
December 19, 2023
Traffic detection & connected vehicle safety applications combined into single solution
December 18, 2023
Traffic control signals will benefit from faster and more resilient data connections
December 12, 2023
Firm says 600 2070LX ATC units, built in the US, will be delivered within 60 days
December 11, 2023
Radar solution can be configured with a computer, tablet or smartphone
December 8, 2023
It can 'ingest massive amounts of local and third-party data', including from connected vehicles
December 7, 2023
Deal involves financing vehicles with full maintenance and fleet management software
December 5, 2023
62,000 smart controls and sensor-ready LEDs due to be installed by 2026
December 4, 2023
Organisation's annual conference gave its top award to Groningen in the Netherlands