July 21, 2023
Transport for Greater Manchester is planning to introduce average speed checks
July 20, 2023
Software can classify vehicles by weight, number of axles and vehicle type
July 17, 2023
Event runs from 28-31 August 2023 in Melbourne, Australia
July 13, 2023
NextGen preemption solution will help to create green waves for vehicles going to incidents
July 12, 2023
Los Angeles agencies will continue using the product which is part of the ClearMobility platform
July 6, 2023
French capital is looking at how kerb space is used for last-mile deliveries
July 5, 2023
New cloud-based solution can predict traffic snarl-ups up to two hours ahead
July 5, 2023
ServCity trial demonstrated possibilities on receiving live data from existing road network
July 4, 2023
Monitoring traffic control infrastructure such as signals will be more reliable, firms say
July 4, 2023
Firm will design and install signage for Welsh city's new 32km/h (20mph) urban speed limit