VITRONIC Enforcement Bar: Next-Level Road Monitoring

December 12, 2023

Mobile Number Plate Recognition in Action

The volume of traffic on public roads is high, with many vehicles using several lanes in two directions or parked at the side of the road. Fast, mobile enforcement of vehicles requires immediate, precise, and automatic information synchronisation between centralised and mobile forces. Vehicles must be recognised, classified, and identified by their number plate. This is followed by a fully automatic and immediate comparison of the number plate data with the database.

The VITRONIC Enforcement Bar is a mobile solution for automatic number plate recognition integrated within a state-of-the-art lightbar system. It increases enforcement efficiency in areas such as internal security, border control, toll enforcement, and parking area monitoring. In addition, vehicle classification and speed indication are possible.

Disclaimer: Radar for automated speed enforcement currently only available in the US

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