WEBINAR: EU Mobility Shift - Navigating the Transition Pathway

This is the first edition of the Ertico Partnership “Thought Leadership Journeys” webinar series, focusing on the EU Mobility Shift, particularly navigating the Mobility Transition Pathway released by the European Commission in January 2024. The webinar featured high-level speakers including Lorena Ionita, Deputy Head of Unit for Mobility at the European Commission, DG Grow, Joost Vantomme, CEO of Ertico - ITS Europe, Stefan Deix, Director of the European Council for Automotive R&D, Dr Stephane Dreher, Senior Manager at Ertico - ITS Europe. Learn more about the Ertico Partnership: https://ertico.com/partnership/ Subscribe to the Ertico newsletter for more updates and announcements: https://ertico.com/gdpr/
June 14, 2024