Cubic builds out mobility platform

Some of the most significant issues facing cities include declining budgets, the increasing financial and environmental costs of congestion, and the challenges of managing disparate systems. Agencies must act quickly to both keep pace with new demands and prepare for new challenges and solutions. By taking a more ambitious, proactive, and data-driven approach to transportation management, the world’s cities and regions will improve efficiency, reduce emissions, and create a more sustainable system for all stakeholders
October 12, 2021
Krishna Desai of Cubic
Krishna Desai of Cubic

Cubic’s Transport Management Platform (TMP) delivers the tools needed to tackle the most pressing challenges facing transportation operators today while remaining open to the growth and development of the future. The cloud-based TMP, which is on show here in Hamburg, is an intelligent management solution for integrating transportation system data, built on an open, scalable platform that can adapt to the changing needs of a city or region. TMP is highly flexible, enabling many transport operators to maintain legacy systems while reducing overall operations costs; this customer-centric approach allows agencies to immediately improve congestion management and customer experience.

As Cubic points out, the past two years have demonstrated how quickly cities and transportation authorities can have their plans upended by forces outside their control. Transportation leaders must adopt up-to-date, data-backed technologies to cope with these challenges and provide the best possible service to travellers. Additional challenges continue to include optimising roadway capacity, improving the movement of people and freight without incidents, and creating safer streets and roadways for vulnerable road users.  

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